Sunday, May 22, 2011

The week that was.

Preface: This is not a fun blog post; this is not worth reading, this is because I'm bored and I like to write occasionally.  If you are interested in the monotony of student life, some casual wine tasting and a general insight into my life without my bikes, read on.

So the worst week of uni in NZ is now over, albeit 3 days late.  Deadlines extended to Monday from Friday allowed me to spend another couple of sleepless nights worrying and working on my geophysics field report.  We had a good month or so to write this, but somehow (and as ever) the deadline crept up on me and my peers.  Thankfully I had managed to leave myself in a better position than some, not being able to ride does have it's advantages in terms of free time to work.  I would have liked to have been able to ride my bike this week, the de-stressing power of being high above the urban world drifting around trees and missing then by whiskers (or not as is so often the case) never fails to relieve stress.  My trackstands improve no-end during exams; my chosen revision break has been messing about on the bike, and when you only give yourself 10mins trackstanding seems to be a good way to spend it.

I managed to get the majority of this report finished on Friday night, although not without doing myself some damage in the process.  Glandular Fever requires lots of sleep, report writing does not; to combat this a lot of caffeine was consumed.  This resulted in a complete absence of real sleep when I did eventually allow myself to go to bed.  It also had some worrying physical side-effects, my heart started skipping beats on Thursday and by Friday night I was missing about 1 in ever 20.  This didn't help my sleep any, but thankfully a day without caffeine and a good nights sleep solved all those problems.

The aim was always to have the work done on Friday as I had prior engagements on Saturday meaning no work would be done.  This weekend it was two of my good friends birthday's, Heather and Gordon.  Heather took us to the theater on Tuesday night, which I have to admit is not something I would usually do, not because it's not my kind of thing, but it just doesn't occur to me usually.  We went to see Death and the Afterlife of Elephants, which caught Heather's eye as she loves elephants.  I'm not going to critic the play, suffice to say I, in my limited knowledge and theater experience, loved it.

Gordon took us wine-tasting in the Wiarapa on Saturday, and with me not being able to drink I was in charge of driving the minibus.  It's been a while since I drove a manual, let alone a van, but it was good to smash through a gearbox, burning the clutch over the Rimutaka hill road and throwing everyone about kept me entertained.  The wines were by an large fantastic, but the thing that made it all the more special was the people who shared the day, not only Gordon's friends, but also the people who educated us (the woman at Margrain was especially good, as was the couple at Julicher, both were very happy to talk).  We all went away with different favourites, although I have a new found love of Reislings and desert ('pudding' as Gordon would have it) wines.

With the Everton/University Hall ball in the evening I returned home, picked Rachael up from the airport with Heather and Sarah, had a quick half change of clothes and headed off.  As expected I crashed around 11pm and toddled off to bed satisfied with my day.  Sunday was spent putting the finishing touches to my report and doing my maths homework.  All is well, all is in, stress levels are much lower and all being well with a good sleep tonight I may actually be able to ride my bike tomorrow, although there is talk of doing the Tongariro crossing on Wednesday to show Rachael some on NZ and get Heather out doing some walking!

Ramble over, maybe next time I write I will have something more interesting.

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