Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm finally back on the bike properly having had an enforced break after Karapoti of 2 and half weeks.  For most of this time I was asleep, getting up to 20 hours a night (although it can be hardly called a night when such a large proportion of it is spent in sunlight with the curtains fastly shut).  Uni work suffered, but more over my legs suffered.  For some reason my calves have a tendancy of maintaining their shape, but my thighs have a tendancy to atrophy so quickly it hurts, so my legs not only are under powered but look very bottom heavy; not saying that asthetics are everything, but I do get leg envy at times.

So having finally realised that I only need normal amounts of sleep, I managed to get back on the bike, and have slowly gotten back to riding once a day.  My plan, as it stands, is to be back to riding once a day and doing reasonable rides (although I feel there is no need for any over 3 hours running on my 150% race distance maximum rule), whilst working out how to use the gym and seeing if anyone actually wants to go and keep me company (read 'pick the bar up from my shoulders when I fail at squatting 20kg') and working out what training works on what days. This needs to be accomplished before I go on my Geophysics field trip on the 15th.  An easy target I feel, which is what I need whilst recovring/feeling my way back after illness.

Today's ride was just a fun mtb ride, I had no real plan, 3 hours would have been good, but there was no pressure.  As such I set off in the sun and up Mt. Vic to ride the Super D course for this Sunday's race (which I will not be racing, Owen definitely deserved to race more than me, so we switched days at work), then over to Miramar on the road to do the loop there.  From here I went round the bays to Tip-Tracks, wanting to get around fencline, down deliverence to Makara, do a loop, then up Salvation and round to home.  This, however didn't really come into being.  Having forgotten how much Tip-Tracks hurt (24minutes gate to gate today, not very fast), not fuelling properly and generally not being fit, I just went round fenceline from here to home.

The Super D track at Mt. Vic is ridiculously good fun, all ridable on the XC bike, flat out sprinting and soo good!  The Miramar trails as just as fun, but in a different way, the berms just flow so well all the way from top to bottom.  Tip Tracks hasn't gotten any easier, and the switchbacks on the fenceline should not be done post-bonk, they don't lend themselves to poor lines and braking.

Pretty sure the title of this was going to lead somewhere...

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