Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leaves on the Line (Further Delays Expected)

Having changed plans to cope with my first bout of illness at the start of this term, cutting my build period for National Champs to only 14 weeks (3 blocks and 2 taper weeks), which is reasonably ok, I will do all I can in that time and get myself as fast and fit as I can be.  So I have just about hit the first block (well I'm into the second week) but the first week was pretty much written off by field trip/illness.  Once again I found myself full of a cold, thankfully this time it was an actual cold (or atleast a cold that I was very used to) and it lasted only a week, so I'm back into full training.

The worst part of the cold was the timing, not for further delaying the training, but for the fact that it hit during my field class.  This field class was a week long trip to do Geophysical surveying around Ruapehu.  The weather was by and large, grim.  Raining and cold from the gun, culmintaing in snow on the penultimate day.  However for the last day it did clear to beautiful blue skies giving us our first views of the mountain (knowing there is a girt volcano a few km away but not being able to see it is a little sad).  My group definitely lucked out and ended up doing a gravity survey up the side of Ruapehu on the Tukino Skifield Road getting up to the snow line, checking out glacial valleys, boulder rolling, snowman making, snowbal fighting and a little bit of geophysicing.

So back to Wellington, recovered, writing rubbish and riding occasionally.  House is empty, feeling a little lonely, but atleast I have heating to cope with the bitter Southerly blowing through at the moment.

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