Monday, February 7, 2011

Going South for Winter

So I know I'm already South for Winter (relative to home), but I'm going to go a little bit further for a couple of weeks of racing and relaxing.  Finally, some Summer to explore and not work! Shame the weather looks like it might be a bit rubbish.  This rubbish weather has influenced my packing somewhat, but it still all fits in the new bag.  The planning is coming together now, flights are booked, bus is booked, kit brought, washed (and drying, it's so muggy at the moment that it's a little slow) and packed.  Looking forward to finally getting going.

The plan is to do the next 2 NZ national races, firstly in Nelson this weekend for round 3 and the second UCI race of the year (hopefully get some more prize money!) then riding from Nelson to Christchurch with Owen, Andy King and one of their mates.  Not really sure where we are going, I'm going to be doing a bit of following the locals.  The week after Nelson is round 4, Christchurch, non UCI and a race I will likely be ruined for.  I will hang around Christchurch for a day after the race then get the bus to Dunedin on Tuesday to go and stay with my Aunt, Uncle and three cousins down there until the NZ National Champs race, I'll see how I feel there as to whether I do the hill climb and short course, if I'm in a really good mood, I might even see if I can pinch some bikes and do the 4X and DH!  On the Monday after the race I'll be flying back up here to move into my new place and starting term (albeit a day late) for a week of uni before the Karapoti Classic.  It sounds like I will regret not pre-riding, but I will just have to hang on and hope!

So that's the plan.  Here's how it's going so far.

Started packing today as my new bag (Osprey Talon 33) arrived at the shop.  I had my nice long list of everything I needed and went around the flat (I'm currently all on my tod in a 5 bedroom flat, so my stuff is all over the shop) collecting bits and pieces.  I had a quick test pack then saw Andy had started his own little packing album so though I had better join in and went for an exploded diagram version of packing.

Before repacking (minus the wet kit in the bottom right hand corner) and making sure it all fitted in, including spare dry weather tyres, race number, chainring (32T just incase I find I'm not man enough for my already little 34) and abundance of electronic gadgets (and more basic gadgets such as a compass, although I'm sure this won't work, Northern hemisphere compass shouldn't).  It all seemed to come together ok!

So, on Thursday, at 7.30am I will be flying off to Nelson and going riding.  Looking forward to it!

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