Friday, January 28, 2011

The night before.

I'm a little bored, so what better to do than blog?

Tomorrow is the PNP Wellington champs, a combo of XC, Super D and Dirt Crit racing at Wainuimata Trail Park.  I'll be riding out there again before a 16.5km XC Race; good warm up if you ask me, so long as it's not a head wind!  I rode at Wainiu the other night with Owen, Andy and Leigth (sp?), feeling like a bit of a goon in my lycras whilst they were all in baggies and tees; in fairness though I held my own on the desecents; always love it.  I did manage to kill another wheel though, this time the demo Stumpjumper 29er HT's rear wheel, only thing I can think of that did it was manualing through a roller, I was light though.  Never mind! 

Tomorrow I will be riding my bike again, but with Aiden's Float 140 fork (set to 130mm) as my DT is back at the menders again, play in the bushes, hopefully it comes back fixed this time!  As it is, having the extra 30mm of travel might slacken up my head angle just enough to make my bike more stable on the Super D, should be perfect.  Massively looking forward to the race!

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