Friday, December 17, 2010

Away on my travels

So two weeks ago I sent my forks off to be serviced for the first time (4 months the seals lasted; not complaining, I rode them hard and they were so supple I expected them to go pretty quick).  Having called the people who would be servicing them I was told that they weren't busy and I should just send them along; bit different to home, no booking in...  Turns out the service guy wasn't actually there that week, so I was without a fork for a week for no reason.  Eventually I got them back on Thursday, and was able to put them on on Friday.  Beautiful supple movement, no play; problem solved, albeit at the cost of $230; very steep to my eyes.  I would have been happy with this, but on giving them a nice hard squidge, turns out they only have 60mm of travel now.  Just a little pissed off; fix one problem, create another.  It's not even something hard to check, just take the air out before you send them back and make sure the fork gets full travel, this just shouldn't happen.

So now I am without a bike over xmas which means no mtb training til the new year (if it gets done next week, I'm not about though) and potentially no bike for the first national.  Fan-bloody-tastic.

So whilst I was without the bike I was riding our demo bikes, loving the opportunity and the dry trails.  I can't say that I am in love with any of the bikes, and mostly they had me longing to be riding my own bike.  I know I can ride the Kinesis faster than any of our demo bikes.  The main ones I rode were the Stumpy Hardtail 29er, epic 29er and Stumpy FSR.  The Hardtail was unsuprisingly my favourite; with a penchant for light bikes and responsive climbing ability I was always going to go for a hardtail I think.

I'll do some quick reviews of them now I think, just for fun.  I also rode the Pitch and Camber, I'm still to ride our Camber 29er and Enduro. 

As an end to this, please read the reviews of them, because saying that I don't love the bikes isn't a write off, they are very good, but need some work for them to be perfect and make me want to ride them over my Kinesis.

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