Sunday, November 7, 2010

Would rather be...

Sat in on a Sunday night 'working' away on my Structural Geology and Tectonics revision all I can think of is what I would rather be doing.  As the sun starts to go down on this Sunny day in Wellington I would love to be hacking down the last trail of the day having spent all the daylight hours playing on the mountain bike, or just rolling back into town from an epic road ride.  Suffice to say that is not how my day has gone.  However it's not been all work (infact it has been very little work).

The day started with my first bunch ride in a while, just a nice 90km up the Hutt road chatting away followed by a nice jaunt over Haywards (didn't have it on the climbs today which was disappointing; however this post is not going to be so much about the bike for once, I will say that I need to get more protein my in diet, I have a feeling this might sort my sleeping out a bit) then up Paekokariki (sp?) and back into town via Whitby, Porirua and J'Ville.  The weather turned out reet good, which was not what I was expecting, so I was carrying far too much clothing having lost a knee warmer this morning; I'm sure it'll turn up though.

After that I rolled into the shop and finally got around to stripping and cleaning in the road bike.  This led me to discover the source of the annoying clicking sound from my BB.  The bearings are fine, but too much power over the last 2 years ( :-P ) has caused me to wear the inside of my non-driveside crank out; not really sure how this has happened as there is nothing for it to rub on, but it results in the crank pushing at an angle on the bearings when under power.  Solution to this... Buy some new cranks, finally an excuse to get a new groupset!  Already I have found myself looking at the options, as I have been for a while.  However as usual, no money means no buying stuff (the bank has once again blocked my card so I will have to call them up again annoyingly).

After that, I came home and slept instead of working, and now I'm blogging instead of working... 

The problem is motivation, I'm not that bothered about my degree anymore.  Currently (and for the last month and a half) I haven't wanted to do Geophysics anymore.  I keep on reading stuff about sports science and engineering applications of physics.  All I want to do seems to revolve around the bikes.  Too late not though, I'll stick out Geophys for another year and a half and then see what I can do on the bikes eh.

So this post is about the bikes again.  Never mind, not much else doing in my life, not that I would want to disclose anyway. 

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