Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mt Vic trails

The Descent from the water tower
I tried and failed last night to go out for a quick hack round Mt. Victoria, my local trails.  I got half way there and before getting a call from Stew at iRide asking if I wanted to come in for some icebreaker training (the clothing company).  Suffice to say as soon as free beer and pizza was mentioned I was darting through traffic to the other side of town.  Learnt quite a lot which was nice and had some fun at it. 

The weather today was supposed to be pretty poor all day so I decided to get out early (as the best spell of weather should have been early doors) and go up for a play round Mt. Vic.  Sat in bed post ride though it just keeps getting sunnier; gutted!  Never mind, got some good riding in, only a short 90min ride, but that's all I have time for at the moment really.  Legs felt pretty shot today if I'm honest, probably as a result of the beer and pizza. 

Trail wise I was just having a play, re-rode the two descents that Dave Aldridge showed me a few weeks back, the first of which is a pretty steep tech one, especially in the switchbacks.  I rode it cleanly this time which was nice, but I need to get a lot more comfortable getting my wheels off the ground on that kind of a trail.  Need to get some pictures up to show what I mean. 

The second is the 'grom's track'  which is just good fun, quite short with a few little jumps and drops in it.  Not anywhere near to steep or tech, but once again I need to get more comfortable with the air time.  I did ride the last jump and little drop a couple of times and felt more confident pretty quickly; I can cope with it when it's relatively flat, but get a bit scared of them when the jumps are in a traversing trail with pretty steep slopes off to one side and landing into roots. 

Dave at the shop persuaded me to try a more mid-foot cleat position, so today's ride was the first try at that.  It definitely felt easier to pull little manuals, but otherwise technically I noticed very little difference.  It did give me some more foot pain than usual, but that might go away with a bit of a change in foot musculature.  I'll keep them in this position for a bit just to give it a bit more of a chance.  Not sold straight away though, having ridden with my cleat under the ball of my foot for so long it does feel pretty weird anywhere else.

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