Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Post

Having lost my previous blog on the Mountain-Trax blog I decided that I might start my own personal blog. 

A lot has gone on since I last posted on that blog, for one I'm now living in Wellington, New Zealand rather than Reading (England).  This move was due to my degree program, which requires me to have my 3rd year (of 4) abroad.  I chose to come to Wellington largely because I do have a love of NZ, but also because the riding was supposed to be pretty good here.  This has certainly turned out to be the case, and the cycling comunity has been very welcoming; I've met more people in the four months that I have been here than I have in the 4 years that I was racing in the UK.  It's certainly opened my eyes as to what can come from just talking to a lot of people on the bikes.  Everyone has been very helpful and friendly. 

The first weekend out here I managed to get out on the road bike with a local bunch ride organised by the Wellington shop, Capital cycles (who I shouldn't be promoting as I'm now riding for the competition, but their rides have been the basis for most of my training and have certainly made my life a lot easier).  I managed to get dropped about 10km from the finish as the pace picked up reminding me that I hadn't really riden for 4 weeks.  This was certainly motivation for me to get training again!

So, I'm not going to describe every ride that has hapened since then, suffice to say I have steadily been getting stronger through a combination of sporadic long rides, quite a bit of mounatin biking and some nice races.  Most of the races I have done since coming out here have been run by the local club PNP (http://www.pnp.org.nz/) who have put on some really good events with a really good atmosphere.  The road races saw me progress from B to A grade (not knowing what kind of standard on the road I am meant that I didn't have a clue where to start), but I'm not sure I would be able to cut it in a 'real' A grade race...  The time will come for that soon though I think, although I could do with sorting my road bike out before then; either a new groupset or (preferably) a new bike.

I will post a couple more blogs today just with an iRide update and a post regarding the last race.

Hope everyone is well (if anyone reads this; mostly I'm writing it for me though!).


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