Monday, November 8, 2010

The end is nigh...

It's the eve of my last exam before a long summer of freedom.  Notes are made, exams papers read and re-read, questions answered, definition learnt.  All I can see is tomorrows ride in the sun.  All being well Cam and I will be hacking it round Makara Peak tomorrow afternoon post exam before I go out with mates and sister for a night on the beers.  I will be holding back (I plan to anyway) on the beers atleast, but probably not on the ride. 

This Sunday is the last of the local PNP XC series at the aforementioned Makara Peak, most of the trails will be raced backwards making it a bit more interesting and most of the pre-riding pretty illegal.  However the final descent down the aptly named 'Vertigo' will be riden the right way, and will be sketchy as anything after 2 laps of the Peak (should be about 1.5 hours to the final descent).  This is a really steep track, with some nice rock steps and no clear view down the trail, letting your wheels run requires a fair amount of blind faith/knowledge of the track.  I've only riden it once, I could do with sessioning it a bit tomorrow (and sectioning; it's pretty long) before giving it some beans down there. 

The weather has been incredible the past few days, yesterday I didn't allow myself to ride, but today I couldn't resist.  Only let myself have a really really short play (40mins) on Mt. Vic mind.  She was riding pretty perfectly though, I could have done with some semi-slicks; the only conditions the crossmarks aren't so good at is when it's dusty and loose; just not quite fast enough.  Time to acquire some racing tyres methinks...

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